Kill the Hamster Wheel

You know the routine!!!

You know the routine!!!

I know I am running on this wheel. You know this wheel. Every productive citizen knows this wheel. The hamster wheel. It doesn’t go anywhere in particular, and if I use some creativity or an imagination, plus a little initiative I am sure that I can envision myself clearly doing anything else besides my same routine. The hamster wheel routine that most of us know, also know as life maitenance.

Household Shopping
Engaging your children
Filling the tank
Picking up your children
Popping something in the oven
Household shopping
Engaging your children
Filling the tank
Round and around and around.

So you learn to truly appreciate the off kilter experiences that slow that wheel down. Kick that wheel. Tell that wheel to get a life, or how about just living life outside the routine from time to time.

Date night with someone you really fancy!
Grown Up Time!
Girls night out with good weather!
A trip to an empty Chuck E. Cheeses at 9a.m. with your child!
Solo, guilt-free, list-free shopping!
A lounging night watching the one show you love with a cocktail!
A peaceful bath, and a full night of sleep.
Waking up in the morning at your leisure.

Damn this sounds great. Doesn’t it? Makes you wanna just abandon that wheel. That wheel has no mercy. Its hate our gutts!

…but without that wheel, how would we have clean clothes, or cooked meals, or the luxury of peaceful or playful moments?

DAMN IT! The Wheel wins.



About bfftherapy

We are two women who happen to live very similar lives in Chicago and have decided to share some of our experiences from a BFF perspective.

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